CKR Hosting

Hosting Extras

If you find that you need extra bandwidth, extra disk space, or databases, but you don't want to upgrade your entire hosting plan to get more, you can order extra resources a la cart. Prices are as follows:

Bandwidth/Data Transfer:
1 GB  $3/month
5 GB  $5/month
10 GB $8.50/month

Extra Disk Space:
50 MBs  $2/month
100 MBs $3/month
500 MBs $5.75/month

MySQL Databases
$10 one-time setup fee, 5 databases

To order the extras, go to the shopping cart for bandwidth or disk space. To order extra databases, use our page designated for one-time charges:

Be sure to use the contact form at the end of the payment process to let us know what domain/account you want your new¬ resources applied to.

Note to JournalFen Users:

For JournalFen journals, please use the onetimecharge page above, and enter the amount of the Journal status you'd like to purchase. Note that Journal purchases through the hosting payment system rather than JournalFen's PayPal setup are manual, and so you'll need to give us time to get your paid status setup. Just follow the email instructions at the end of the manual payment processto let us know what Journal you've just paid for.

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