Your Order has been placed, and sent to our customer service department for initial processing of your new hosting product (or you have chosen to setup your invoice account with us before actually ordering your plan). This means we're almost done! Your order status is pending, but we can still move forward in the setup process while we wait for this to be finalized. For fastest setup of your new product, please email with the following information as it pertains to your order.

For web hosting, list the domain name you wish to use on your hosting plan. If you plan to use a registered domain name, list that. If you wish to use a subdomain of one of our domains, tell us which one. If you need suggestions for which domain name of ours is appropriate, tell us what type of content you plan to have, and we'll send you a list of appropriate choices.

The customer service representative who takes your order will send you all necessary login information for your new web space or mailing list, as soon as the setup is complete. You will also receive a separate, secure login for our customer service area.

Please include the name you used to checkout and complete your order. Also, please use the same email address as in your checkout process.

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